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Our specialized services dedicated to private businesses.

1. Funded projects and National Recovery and Resilience Plan

The company supports private enterprises through strategic consulting, project management and operational support to asses and leverage funding opportunities offered by the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR) and, more broadly, by community, national and regional funds as a whole.

We ensure support and assistance in researching and evaluating potential opportunities based on the specific strategic needs and operational scope of the company.

We then assist alongside in the “end-to-end” management of the process, including a technical-economic-administrative preparation of the application/project for accessing funding, as well as all subsequent activities related to implementation and reporting.


1. Strategic Marketing

Strategic marketing enables the definition and achievement of company objectives through the adoption of specific short and long-term actions.

The marketing strategy consists of the following activities:

  • organizational analysis;
  • analysis of processes and management models;
  • market analysis;
  • relaunch and growth plans.

The definition of the strategic marketing plan starts with the analysis of the company, which is carried out through focus groups and targeted interviews with key stakeholders of the company.

The analysis, which may include organizational, business process, and economic/financial model aspects, provides primary support for defining company objectives and determining the actions to be taken to achieve them.

The study of the market and competitors, sales methods, types of targets and customers and the main communication strategies adopted by the competitors are an additional input to the definition of the overall marketing strategy.

It is possible to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the company, the main distinctive elements thanks to which the company is recognized in the market and the weaknesses that need to be addressed to strengthen its positioning.

The marketing strategy ends with the identification of long-term (strategic) objectives and the definition of short-term (operational) action lines to be taken to grow, relaunch, or differentiate the company.


2. Branding

Branding is about understanding what makes a company, product, or service unique and differentiating it in the eyes of everyone

For Martino & Partners, branding consists of the following activities:

  • Naming
  • logo creation and restyling
  • Moodboard development
  • Visual identity Creation

Branding is a complex and ongoing process: it is the visual, verbal and sensory expression of the brand, encompassing the intangible yet perceived characteristics of a product or service by its target audience.

Branding activities allow connecting a product or service to specific tangible elements – such as name, symbols, or product packaging – as well as intangible elements like mission, values, and corporate reputation, thus differentiating it from competitors’ products or services.

Martino & Partners oversees the entire cycle of the branding project: from the formulation of the strategy to initial sketches, from the creation of the logos and name to the realization of the necessary materials to communicate the sensitivity and the soul of the product

3. Strategic and operational communication

For entrepreneurs and SMEs, communication is a fundamental element to make themselves known and recognized in the target market

The communication strategy consist of the following activities:

  • Strategic communication plans
  • Operational communication plans
  • Storytelling and communication guidelines

The communication strategy is concretized through the implementation of different plans based on the types of audience that one is able or wants to reach.

The strategic communication plan serves to understand and profile potential recipients.

Within the communication plan, the communication content, the messages to be conveyed, and the tone of communication to be used are defined.

The communication plan is discussed and presented together with preliminary considerations, basic data, objectives, targets, strategy, content and tools.

Once approval is obtained for the presented strategic lines, the drafting of the operational plan proceeds, which involves defining tactics, actions to be activated, and means to be used.

We also manage and build together with the client operational communication through the conception and realization of:

  • communication tools and materials (below the line)
  • media and press campaigns (above the line)

4. Digital marketing

Harmonizing online presence and coherence with strategic objectives are indispensable distinctive elements in a company's strategy

Digital marketing activities consist of the following activities:

  • Social media plans
  • Content management
  • Design, design and implementation of websites
  • Search Engine Content Optimization (SEO)
  • Social media campaigns
  • Integrated web communication management.

Once the strategies, targets, and communication objectives are defined, the most suitable social media channels are analyzed for use. Web marketing activities are aimed at bringing the sender and recipient closer, obtaining feedback and advice, and improving the user experience.

In line with the defined strategies, Martino & Partners develops websites. We define the setup in terms of architecture, logical and graphical tree structure.

We conduct content management activities by updating and enhancing content on the web, websites, and social media, ensuring optimization for search engines during setup and writing.

We therefore guarantee complete harmonization of contents, both the existing information and the new one to be inserted, as well as its communication.

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